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Exporting confirmed for Rock Band 3

Plus: Pro Mode songs could cost more.

Harmonix has confirmed you will be able to export tracks from Rock Band 2 to Rock Band 3.

Speaking to RockBandAide.com, spokesperson John Drake said that will apply to all three versions of the game, including the Wii one.

"We're doing it for all three consoles," he said.

"We always have this issue where we have to re-licence every song from the disc, and we always have a couple of songs that get complicated. But we're doing our best to get every single song."

Drake went on to say that Harmonix expects the price of downloadable tracks for Rock Band 3 to remain the same. However, songs designed for Pro Mode will be more expensive as more development work is involved to produce them.

Rock Band 3 is out on 29th October and will feature tracks by Slipknot, Anthrax and Deep Purple. What no Liberty X?

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