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Pretty action RPG Bastion revealed

Hand-drawn homage to Diablo, Zelda.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Super Giant Games has thrust a new action RPG Bastion into the face of the internet.

Due 2011 on PC, the game's most eye-catching feature is its appearance: beautiful isometric artwork that colours characters, environments and simplistic cut-scenes.

Also arresting are the levels constructed from torrents of falling blocks before the feet of the young protagonist, and then crumbled away as he passes over them.

Underneath all that, the action-RPG influence of Diablo and puzzle adventure charms of Zelda shine through, although concrete gameplay details are not offered.

Still, there's a video to watch and screenshots to take in.

Super Giant Games was formed in September 2009 by a former EA employee called Amir Rao. He's accompanied by four others at Super Giant, none of which are developers of note - yet.

Say Bastion.

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