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15 minutes of Bastion creator's new game Transistor

Bastion narrator's role revealed.

Bastion creator Supergiant Games has revealed the opening section of its new sci-fi adventure Transistor.

The first level introduces silent protagonist Red, a singer whose voice has been stolen. She fights with the Transistor, a spirit-imbued sword that guides you through the game.

The weapon is voiced by the familiar tones of Bastion narrator Logan Cunningham. Like Supergiant's previous game, this narrative trick allows Transistor to continually commentate on your actions as you make them.

Bastion's other voice artist, Ashley Lynn Barrett, returns for the game's soundtrack. Barrett is the voice of Red's songs, recorded before her voice was taken.

A major new feature is the ability to pause time and plan a specific route around a level, assaulting foes and chaining together attacks. There are hints about the game's wider storyline, too: you can scan posters to "sway opinion", and Transistor can "speak" to nearby technology and allies to upgrade your weapon with new abilities.

Watch the whole 15-minute demo from PAX East below, as filmed by TotalBiscuit.

"Red was a star. Now she is a target," Transistor's opening sequence states. "Five assassins confront her. But she is not alone. An extraordinary weapon slips free in the commotion. It transports her across the city in an instant. The assassins' forces spread out in search."

The demo's finale reiterates the game's "early 2014" release date for unspecified platforms.

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