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Bastion coming to iPad tonight

Dev doesn't feel its right for iPhone though.

Isometric narrated adventure Bastion is making its way to the iPad today.

Already available on the App Store in New Zealand, Supergiant Games' port of its critically acclaimed action game is circulating the globe, bringing joy and mirth to its various time zones as their respective App Stores are updated.

Supergiant's official site stated that the game's $4.99, a third of its price on XBLA and Steam, so expect the port to cost your local equivalent.

Elsewhere, Supergiant noted that an iPhone version wouldn't be in the works because "the game experience would not translate well to the iPhone's smaller screen."

As far as touchscreen controls go, Supergiant explained that it would feature an auto-attack by default with a more conventional digital button layout available for advanced players.

We quite liked Bastion here at Eurogamer. Our Tom Bramwell awarded it an 8/10 in his review, where he said "Bastion, which blurs the line between agency and fate in new and interesting ways, is rather welcome."

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