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Dissidia sequel confirmed for Europe

Out next year.

The sequel to PSP-exclusive Final Fantasy fighting game spin-off Dissidia will be released in Europe, Square Enix has announced.

The wonderfully named Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy will hit European PSPs some time next year.

Like its predecessor, Duodecim is a cross between a 3D fighting game and an RPG, and features a roster of heroes and villains lifted from the Final Fantasy series.

The title refers to the "12th battle" (duodecim means 12 in Latin, apparently), which is a new war between age old foes Cosmos and Chaos.

As well as new characters, Dissidia 012 adds new game modes, story missions, items, alternate costumes and combat features.

Specifically, there's a new assist mode, which lets you choose your own assist character to back you up. Confirmed new characters indlude Kain from Final Fantasy IV and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

The first game was great, as Eurogamer's Dissidia Final Fantasy 8/10 review reveals.

First screens are below.