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New characters confirmed for Dissidia012

Taking the Prishe.

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Prishe, the non-playable character from Final Fantasy XI, is in PSP section game Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy, Square Enix has announced.

Prishe is a young Elvaan who played a starring role in the Chains of Promathia expansion to the MMORPG. She swears a lot, apparently, and is similar to FFVII's Tifa in terms of fighting style.

Also included is Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V, who joins the Chaos side.

Confirmation comes from a Square Enix press event in Tokyo, where a demo called Dissidia012 Prologus was announced. It's described as bigger than a normal demo, but will cost money – 300 yen to download to a PSP.

If you buy the Prologus you'll get FFVII's Aerith as a support-only character in the game.

The demo is out today in Japan.

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