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Square Enix: There is no next Dissidia

But series could return in another form.

Final Fantasy spin-off PlayStation Portable series Dissidia ends in its current form with the launch of Duodecim on 25th March.

"There is no next," creator Tetsuya Nomura told Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation (reported by Andriasang).

"We're thinking about ending this pattern of Dissidia here. There also won't be a UT [Universal Tuning, the name for the international re-release of the original Dissidia] version. The overseas version is being released at nearly the same time and has the same tuning, so we're not thinking about a release [of a UT version]."

For Dissidia fans, however, there may still be hope. "For the Dissidia series, there's the possibility of it appearing in another form," Nomura said. "However, we feel that we've done all we can with the battle base.

"We had the staff work for years on one-on-one battles, so I'd like to let them do another genre. I feel we've done all we can with this pattern of Dissidia.

"However, it is exciting to see past characters revived in 3D. So, if given the chance, we'd like to do something as Dissidia. However, I don't think it will be this Dissidia."

Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy is the oddly-named successor to PSP fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy, which scooped 8/10 on Eurogamer.

Broadly, these games offer all the well-known faces of Final Fantasy for a fight, against each other. There are even RPG elements sprinkled on top.