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FFXIV open beta ends on Sunday

Last week of free grind.

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Square Enix has let testers know that the open beta for its MMO Final Fantasy XIV Online will end this Sunday.

According to the message, reproduced by FFIXVCore, the test will end at 5pm Pacific time - which is actually 1am on Monday morning in the UK, and 2am on mainland Europe.

Once the test is over, the beta test website will close, and it will no longer be possible to download the client.

Fans won't have to wait long to begin their adventures in earnest, however, as the PC game goes into active service with the launch of the special edition on the 22nd September - Wednesday next week.

The regular edition is then released, and the floodgates opened, on 30th September. The PS3 version of the game has been delayed until March 2011.

Square Enix had to limit access to the open beta for FFXIV when demand overwhelmed its servers at the start of the test.

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