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PSPgo met Sony's expectations

"It's part of a bigger ecosystem."

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The PSPgo is a successful platform for Sony and met sales expectations, SCEA senior vice president Peter Dille has insisted.

"People, I think, have a mistaken perception that the Go is its own platform," Dille said in an interview with Joystiq.

"The Go is a form factor for the PSP platform, and it was always intended for a specific consumer: the high end of the food chain that's very comfortable with digital. That's not everybody, and therefore, our expectations weren't that this was going to replace PSP.

"It's met our expectations, it's part of a bigger ecosystem and it also helps us evangelise a digital lifestyle that we think will continue to plant its roots. In that regard, it's been a success."

The PSPgo was launched in 2009 as a digital-only alternative to the standard UMD-enabled PSP. In June, Sony offered 10 free games as a purchase incentive to boost flagging sales.

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