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Sony unveiling iTunes rival tonight?

Hour-long conference at IFA 2010.

Sony Europe is hosting a press conference at the IFA 2010 technology show in Berlin this evening where it may unveil a new music and video subscription service.

That's according to the Financial Times (thanks Kotaku), which yesterday claimed that the new service would replace Sony's Connect music store and start life on PlayStation platforms before graduating to Bravias, Vaios and so on.

Sony boss Howard Stringer has made it clear that he sees PlayStation Network as key to the company's future, describing it as the firm's "not-so-secret weapon" during a speech in February.

The IFA event is a trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, and according to Sony's press website its hour-long conference will be held tonight at 5pm CET. Attendees are invited to "Re-discover entertainment experiences from Sony" during the event.