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Shantae sequel dated for DSiWare

Obscure Capcom platformer gets a follow-up.

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Shantae: Risky's Revenge will launch on US DSiWare on 4th October, with a European release expected to follow soon after, developer WayForward Technologies has announced.

For those with a short memory, the original Shantae was a Metroid-esque platformer released on Game Boy Color back in 2002 to great reviews but underwhelming sales.

Original developer WayForward, also responsible for the adorable A Boy and His Blob Wii remake, had long since expressed a desire to make a follow-up.

If the lovely launch trailer is anything to go by, it could be worth the wait.

Things seem to be hotting up on Nintendo's DSiWare download service. Yesterday saw the announcement of a portable version of ace indie platformer Cave Story.

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