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New cars and outfits for Mafia II

Vegas, War Hero, Renegade, Greaser.

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2K has released four downloadable add-on packs for Mafia II, each featuring two cars and new outfits for main character Vito Scaletta.

All four packs are available for $2.99 / 240 Microsoft Points on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360's respective marketplaces.

So what do you get for your dough? The Vegas Pack offers two new cars "with smooth handling and timeless lines" as well as two new suits for Vito.

The War Hero Pack, meanwhile, has two military vehicles (one pictured in the gallery below) both of which handle well in all weather conditions. Vito can also dress up in military fatigues or a dress uniform.

The first of the Renegade Pack's two cars promises "the slick styling and tight handling of a small sports coupe" while the other has "the revved-up engine of a fifties hot rod", and Vito gets leather and lettermen's jackets.

Finally the Greaser Pack is "all about speed" with two "hot-rod speedsters" to "win you the pink slips every time". In keeping with the theme, Vito gets to turn out in leather jacket and heavy boots, or a leather racing suit.

Mafia II has so far been supported by two add-on episodes - The Betrayal of Jimmy, which was a PS3-exclusive launch bonus, and Jimmy's Vendetta, which came out earlier this month on PC, PS3 and 360.

A third pack, Joe's Adventures, focuses on the adventures of Vito's best friend Joe Barbaro and is due out later this year.

Mafia II came out in late August and topped the charts with its colourful portrayal of The Life. Check out our review of Mafia II for more.

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