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Halo: Reach credit wipe, bans begun

Bungie fires the starting gun.

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Bungie's final weekly update before the launch of Halo: Reach mentions that it has already wiped Credits early players have earned in the game, and begun banning online cheaters.

Under the heading "A Brave New World", community reps Sketch and Tyson acknowledge that there are players with legitimate, legally obtained copies of Reach out there now - "courtesy of an eager retail store that couldn't wait".

So the developer has reset Credits, as it promised to last week in order to ensure a level playing field for Reach players. Credits are used to buy cosmetic customisations in Reach's Armoury.

Bungie has also already begun banning cheaters in the online game. "We take the Reach online experience VERY seriously. Bungie has invested years of hard work creating a game that we want our fans to enjoy for years to come and we have zero tolerance for people who try and ruin that experience for others," Sketch said.

"Modifying your console or the game itself is a violation of the terms of use for LIVE and Reach and will result in potentially severe penalties. We are already aware of a number of nefarious deeds by a very small percentage of early adopters and we have already been taking action."

Halo: Reach is released worldwide tomorrow (officially). We reviewed it yesterday.

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