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Worms: Battle Islands heading to Wii

UPDATE: PSP version NOT scrapped.

Team17 has finally divulged news of the latest Wii entry in its long-running Worms franchise.

Worms: Battle Islands promises 30 single-player campaign missions, 30 puzzle challenges and five different multiplayer modes, all of which will be playable online.

On top of the 40 different weapons promised, you'll also be able to create your own arsenal in the game's weapon factory.

The title was previously announced in 2009 for WiiWare and PSP, but it seems Team17 has upgraded the game to a full Wii retail release. We expect an update on the PSP version in the next few hours.

Worms: Battle Islands is out in the USA on 23rd November with a European date still pending. If you really can't wait for another dose of turn-based destruction, Worms Reloaded arrived on PC last month.

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