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Valve: XBL patching a "train wreck"

Admits "total failure" to update TF2.

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Valve has admitted its "total failure" to update Team Fortress 2 on Xbox 360, but insisted the fault was Microsoft's.

"We thought that there would be something that would emerge," Valve's leader Gabe Newell told PC Gamer.

"We figured it was a sort of untenable... 'Oh yeah, we understand that these are the rules now, but it's such a train wreck that something will have to change.'"

Team Fortress 2 was released in October 2007 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. But whereas the PC game has bulged with significant new content, the Xbox 360 version was left to go stale - despite promises from Valve that a console patch was in the works.

Gabe Newell said Valve won't make the same mistake on PS3.

"That's why we're really happy with the current situation with the PS3," explained Newell. "We're solving it now in a way that is going to work for our customers, rather than assuming something is going to emerge later that will allow us to fix this."

Newell pulled off a rare surprise at E3 this summer when he announced Portal 2 for PS3 - a platform he had criticised heaviliy in the past.

Portal 2 will be released on all three formats - PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 - on 9th February 2011.

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