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Gothic 4 PC, Xbox 360 demo out now

Check out the first two hours.

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A PC and Xbox 360 demo of fantasy role-playing game Arcania - Gothic 4 is out now.

It includes the first two hours of the game and shows the beginning tutorial level on Feshyr Island. Grab the PC version from Gamers Hell. Add the 360 demo to your download queue here.

"As a shepherd, the new nameless hero is living on the island in peace but dark clouds are coming over to Feshyr and now it's time for the hero to come to terms with his fate," reads the official blurb.

Arcania - Gothic 4 marks a significant departure for the series. Original creator Piranha Bytes fell out with JoWooD and took off to make Risen. JoWooD, meanwhile, employed Spellbound to keep the Gothic series alive.

Gothic 4 is out on PC and Xbox 360 on 15th October. The PS3 version is "coming later and will hope to release early 2011". A gameplay trailer is below.

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