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Kinect will talk to MSN Messenger

There's no end!

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This autumn's Xbox Live update will allow Xbox 360 owners to video chat with PC owners using Kinect. Suddenly, £130 seems like pennies.

Marc Whitten, Xbox Live general manager, was "excited" to confirm the feature in an open letter published today.

But most of his address concerned the big-ticket additions of ESPN telly (for the US) and Zune music (for UK, US, France, Italy and Spain).

Announced last week, Zune music offers millions of songs for stream or download providing you cough up £8.99 for a monthly Zune Pass. That's on top of your Gold Xbox Live subscription. We later found out that if your Zune Pass sub lapses, all of the songs you've downloaded will be locked and inaccessible until you reactivate.

Incidentally, while part of the Zune Marketplace, Zune music will be separate to Zune video. A Zune Pass offers unlimited access to music, and music only.

Also coming in this autumn's XBL update will be a "refreshed" dashboard and new Xbox Live Family Settings, for those of you that use them.

"Every year we've pushed ourselves to deliver the best games and entertainment," wrote Whitten, "and I'm incredibly proud of my team and what we're delivering to Xbox Live this fall."

"Our goal is to continue innovating and delivering experiences that are meaningful to you. So you can enjoy the entertainment you want, with the people you care about, in a simple way. Keep playing, keep sharing, and keep pushing us."

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