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Get MS to bring Kinect to your house

By saying why you deserve it on Facebook.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft's launched a competition that gives you the opportunity to play motion-sensing add-on Kinect in your hometown before it's released.

Microsoft wants you to tell it why you deserve the honour of having Kinect brought to your town, school, village, road, or even your house over on its Facebook site.

The three "most compelling and creative" reasons will win. You've got until 6th October to register your vote.

Who decides the winner? Microsoft UK & Ireland's director of Xbox and entertainment Stephen McGill, executive producer of technology & communications at Rare Studios Nick Burton and, wait for it, singer and model Sophie Ellis Bextor.

Sophie Ellis Bextor took time out from her busy schedule murdering the dancefloor to say: "I'm really excited to be announcing 'Kinect Comes to You', where we're giving someone the chance to experience Kinect, before it hits the shops. Whoever wins this opportunity I'm sure, like me, will have a great time experiencing the amazing world of Kinect!"

Kinect's due out in the UK on 10th November. The sensor is currently on tour across the UK. Look at pictures of Sophie promoting Kinect below.

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