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3DS Super Monkey Ball out next year

Utilises the 3DS motion sensor.

A Super Monkey Ball game for Nintendo's 3DS is in the works and is due out next year.

It's called Super Monkey Ball for Nintendo 3DS (a working title) and features series favourites AiAi, MeeMee, GonGon and Baby.

"The moment I saw the features of the Nintendo 3DS, I could not help thinking how perfectly Super Monkey Ball would work on this new hardware," said excited Super Monkey Ball creator Toshiro Nagoshi.

"I could quickly picture myself holding the Nintendo 3DS using the motion sensor and playing Super Monkey Ball.

"The simple gameplay allows players to enjoy the 3D graphics to the fullest and now that we have brought this vision to! We have our all-time favourite Super Monkey Ball experience with the new excitement of the Nintendo 3DS!"

The traditional Super Monkey Ball gameplay returns. Players twist and turn while aiming to collect every banana in the fastest time possible. This time, though, you can choose to play using the 3DS motion sensor or the Slide Pad.

The 3DS game includes three new gameplay "choices", including Monkey Race and Monkey Fight. The new game modes feature wireless connection for up to four players. Screenshots are below.

The last pillar release in the series was Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll for the Wii. Ellie reviewed in February.