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Monstrous 2v2 multiplayer game Push Me Pull You announced for PS4

Hilarious horrorshow pits conjoined worm-people against each other.

Last year I wrote about Push Me Pull You, a simultaneously horrifying and hilarious game about two conjoined man-worms, each played by two players, competing in a ball game. Now that game is confirmed for PS4 with Sony helping produce it through its Pub Fund program.

Swirl. Swirl.

You see, each creature in Push Me Pull You is a snake-like figure with a head and arms on both ends. Each player controls a different end of the creature and they expand and compress by working in unison with one another. From there, your goal is to keep the ball on your side of the court while the other horrifying worm-person tries to do the same for their half of the playing field.

Developer House House has expanded Push Me Pull You quite a lot since I saw it a year and half ago at GDC. As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, it's adding new modes to the game including Knockout, a variant in which each team has a ball that they're trying to defend while knocking the enemies' ball out of the ring.

There will also be a character creator along with a Noby Noby Boy-like hub between matches wherein players can explore and muck about with the game's physics outside of competitive play.

Furthermore, there will be plenty of control options to suit those with a dearth of DualShocks. The game can be played with anywhere between two-to-four players and one-to-four controllers. "We've kept the control scheme simple enough that two players can share either side of a single controller, which is personally our favourite way to play - having to share means you end up wrestling your partner both on-screen and off," said House House director Michael McMaster. Indeed this is how I played it and selfishly kept inadvertently grabbing the controller closer to me, much to my partner's chagrin.

"We're really glad Push Me Pull You has found a place on PlayStation," McMaster stated. "From the beginning, we designed this game to be played by friends in the same room, with controllers, so PS4 is a perfect fit."

Push Me Pull You is aiming for an early 2016 release on PS4, PC, Mac and Linux. Behold its disturbing delights in its latest trailer below:

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Push Me Pull You

PS4, PC, Mac

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