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SNES game Super Star Wars out on PS4/Vita this week

Move over Battlefront.

It's battle of the Star Wars titans this week as Battlefront prepares for competition from, dun dun dun, Super Star Wars - a SNES game.

It's an old thing reissued for a new audience, just like the old Star Wars cast in the new films, and it's coming to PS4 and Vita this week according to the US PlayStation blog. What that means for Europe isn't clear.

The PS4 re-issue comes with updated display and controller options as well as new save features, leaderboards and Trophy stuff.

Super Star Wars was a side-scrolling action game from 1993 (Europe). It starred Han, Luke and Chewie who spent most of their time running left and right and shooting things, although there was a bit of Lightsabering and a bit of piloting a hovering car in between. There was also a very confusing-looking Trench Run finale.

Odd place for Barry 'Bee Gees' to pop up.
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