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Brilliant Fallout 4 mod shows you exactly what your character will say during dialogue

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For Fallout 4, developer Bethesda added player character voice acting. Cool! For some, though, there's a downside: you're never sure what your character will actually say.

Now, there's a mod for that, one that replaces dialogue choices (yes, no, sarcastic, more information, paraphrases) with the full text of what you will say.

It also replaces Fallout 4's conversation user interface with a numbered list, similar to that in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

Full Dialogue Interface is live on NexusMods now. It was created by modders Shadwar and Cirosan and released just eight days after Fallout 4 hit the wild. Shadwar was responsible for the Russian NewDialog mod and the interface revamp. Cirosan translated it into English by replacing the text files (it turns out the dialogue your character says is in the game). Impressive work!

Here's how it looks:

Reports indicate the mod works for all dialogue except when dismissing companions, for some reason. Added bonus: persuade options are still coloured.

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