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Glimpses of Total War: Warhammer's stylish campaign map in new trailer

Dwarfs level of detail in previous games.

Total War games are made up of two major parts: one part is battles, armies clashing against each other; the other, a strategical campaign map of the world that you push your pieces around - pieces representing armies or special characters. We've seen what a battle will look like in Total War: Warhammer but, until now, we haven't seen the campaign map.

The new trailer focuses in Grimgor Ironhide, who's a really angry and really ugly Black Orc leader. What you're looking for in the trailer besides the quite nice in-game cinematic stuff is at 1 minute 29 seconds when we fly over the game's campaign map. And how mountainous and misty and sumptuous it looks to be - long gone are the static looks-like-an-actual-map days of old. It's more like Google Earth, if Earth were the World of Warhammer. There are more shots of the campaign map at 1.42 and 2.02.

We can go halves on a new PC to play the game on if you like? Actually, on that note, check out Digital Foundry's Black Friday tech deals in case there's an obvious upgrade going cheap.

Back to Total War: Warhammer, and Creative Assembly has promised a full campaign walkthrough video next week. Full game's out 28th April 2016.

The first Total War game, Shogun.
And the new Total War game. I'm getting all misty-eyed.
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