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Star Wars Battlefront £40 Season Pass contents partially revealed

Who will the new four new Heroes or Villains be?

Star Wars Battlefront has a £40 Season Pass and will entail four lots of downloadable content - we know that. But what we didn't really know, beyond a vague outline, was what will be in it.

Now we know a bit more.

We know that the Season Pass will include four more Heroes and Villains, but we don't know who. Could it be characters from upcoming Star Wars film The Force Awakens? Or could it be Yoda, or Chewbacca?

We know there will be four new game modes and 16 additional multiplayer maps, but we don't know specifically what they are. Presumably the new Heroes and Villains will be tied to these modes or maps because they'll need to be separated from people who don't own the content - it would be bizarre to play a level and not have access to certain power-ups on it.

We know there will be "over 20" new pieces of "galactic tech" including weapons, vehicles and Star Cards. Will these paid-for items be the strongest in the game?

The Season Pass also offers two-week early access to each lump of DLC. The Battle of Jakku DLC, which ties into the Force Awakens film, will be free.

Star Wars Battlefront launches tomorrow in the US and in the UK on Thursday. It's coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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