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Rocket League's greatest mystery probed, still unanswered

Human drivers or sentient cars?

It's a question that has dogged the football car game ever since its inception - who is driving Rocket League's cars?

Of course, the four-wheeled sports machines of Rocket League are controlled directly by players. But, within the game's fiction, who is really in charge?

Is there a driver behind each vehicle's wheel? Are they remotely controlled by humans in each arena's stands? Or, perhaps most terrifyingly, could the cars actually be sentient?

We've already had to deal with the latter scenario more than once - thanks, Pixar. No more.

Now, finally, someone has gone in search of answers. Step forward Reddit user Greedybogle, who posed the question to Rocket League developer Psyonix during a Reddit AMA last night.

"Are the cars in Rocket League: Full-size cars with human drivers? Full-size cars that are somehow sentient? [Or] remote-controlled cars controlled by the player?" he asked.

"Thank you for answering, a very important bet depends on it."

Perhaps sensing that Greedybogle was getting too close to the truth, Rocket League project lead Thomas Silloway responded in cryptic fashion:

"I am truly sorry for the bet that you've made, but the future of Rocket League depends on this question going unanswered at this moment in time."

Curious. In other news, Psyonix has also said has no plans to add custom car horns.

"We have no plans for that right now," Silloway told another enquiring fan, "but you can always supplement with your own car horn mouth noises while you are playing".

Beep beep.

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