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Fortnite has added the Rocket League car

Gears of war.

Fortnite seemingly has everything these days. The Rock. Indiana Jones. Ripley from Alien. Now, it has the car from Rocket League.

At least this collaboration makes some sense - both Rocket League maker Psyonix and Fortnite are products of Epic Games, which has already worked in the past to bring its two audiences together.

Now, you can drive Rocket League's most famous vehicle - the Octane - within Fortnite. As you'd expect, it behaves just as it would on a Rocket League pitch - able to boost to high speeds and rapidly climb up walls.

Fortnite's Chrome goo-filled new season.Watch on YouTube

Perhaps unusually, Epic has decided not to go ahead and just add the car to Fortnite's main battle royale modes at present. Perhaps this would be just that bit too chaotic - at a time when a meta filled by one-hit snipers and fast-evolving Chrome shotguns are already giving me enough of a headache.

Instead, the Octane is now available to be added to Creative maps and modes - essentially, the game's sandbox offering where people can freely make their own mini-games.

I've yet to see someone duplicate the rules of Rocket League directly in Fortnite - and Epic seemingly does not want to do this itself. Still, I'm sure it won't take fans long.

In the meantime, I'm hoping for some fun Creative-made race tracks and car assault courses using the Octane to spend some time (and rack up some battle pass XP) in.

Here's a look at one fan giving the Octane a quick runabout:

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