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Rocket League "celebrates football's biggest event" with the Nike FC Cup

Kick off is 17th November.

Rocket League's next big event, the Nike FC Cup, kicks off on 17th November.

"Celebrating Football's biggest event" - that'll be little known kickabout called the World Cup - the FC Cup will run right up until 6th December, featuring a bunch of new things to do, including a Fan Clash Event, a new Nike-flavoured limited-time mode (LTM), lots of in-game challenges and rewards, plus new goodies in the shop, too.

Cover image for YouTube videoRocket League Nike FC Cup Trailer
Rocket League Nike FC Cup Trailer.

"Football kicks off in Rocket League!" Psyonix exclaims. "Compete for international glory by joining your country’s team in Fan Clash: Nike FC Cup. Top-placing countries will receive huge rewards including the Titanium White Nike FC 2022 Goal Explosion.

"The limited-time Nike FC Showdown Mode offers up 4v4 football action with the new Champions Field (Nike FC) Arena. By completing Nike FC Cup Challenges, you’ll unlock matching Decals and Player Banners for 40+ countries. The Item Shop will have a Nike makeover as well! Get kitted out with iconic footy gear like Cristiano Ronaldo’s Nike CR7 Pack, or try on the boot-inspired Nike Phantom GT - Copper, Nike Tiempo - Copper, and the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial - Copper Decals."

Not all that content will be available at once, though. From 17th November, you'll be able to access the new challenges and rewards, as well as the Fan Clash, whilst you'll have to wait until 30th November to play the FC Showdown LTM - a 4v4 mode that "gives players a more soccer-like feeling by replacing the standard ball with a Nike ball, making the max speed faster, and lowering the ball's bounciness".

"I'm excited to see what the future brings for Psyonix's incredible hit," we said in our State of the Game report on Rocket League.

"Seven years on, Rocket League isn't in the limelight anymore, but it still maintains everything that made it special back in 2015. Plus, thanks to the move to the free-to-play model, there are no longer any entry barriers and Rocket League maintains its hefty user base, meaning there's arguably never been a better time to jump in.

"I'd recommend giving it a go. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Hoops game to inevitably lose."