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2K Games reportedly working on Rocket League rival with bikes instead of cars

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2K Games is reportedly looking to take on developer Psyonix's mighty Rocket League, and is currently developing its own spin on the four-wheeled football formula, titled Gravity Goal, that'll supposedly switch out the cars in favour of TRON-like bikes.

That's according to reliably leaky journalist Tom Henderson who, writing for Exputer, claims Gravity Goal will be "just like Rocket League" in as far as it'll offer up 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 matches where the aim is for players to knock a ball into a goal using their vehicles.

Henderson reports a number of twists on the Rocket League formula, however; alongside the switch from cars to TRON-like bikes - an aesthetic that'll reportedly be reflected in Gravity Goal's arenas, sporting a "futuristic and high-energy-based vibe" - players will be able to damage their opponents' bikes by hitting them with a hockey-puck-like disc. This'll supposedly also either slow down or stop any vehicles it hits.

Rocket League - Free-To-Play Cinematic Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Henderson says Gravity Goal will likely be one of the 26 free-to-play games Take-Two Interactive previously said it had in the works, with the publisher supposedly targeting a release on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC.

Gravity Goal was reportedly in closed Alpha late last year, and Henderson believes it may get an official unveiling "in the coming months".