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Halo 5's most disliked map pulled over exploits

Orion bites the dust.

343 has pulled Halo 5's most disliked map from the game.

Upon the release of the Xbox One exclusive shooter, multiplayer map Orion was roundly criticised. The close-quarters arena features difficult to deal with spawn points and a raft of exploits the community has already had enough of.

For example, one popular exploit sees the player safely ground pound their way out of the map. If you've nabbed the sniper rifle beforehand, well, you get the idea. Check it out in the video below.

Another exploit sees players commit suicide during the match in order to reach the damage boost power up.

In an update on Halo Waypoint, 343 said it was removing Orion from all playlists so it can deal with exploits as well as improve the map before re-adding it to the game.

In more good news, the developer said it was working on multiplayer spawns and exploits across all maps. And, 15 additional map and gametype combinations will be added to the existing playlists so that, essentially, all maps are available on all playlists. That should help address complaints about Halo 5 cycling players through a small selection of maps on certain playlists, and in the process add variety to the multiplayer.

Meanwhile, Shotty Snipers will be added as a playlist this weekend, following a community poll. It'll run from this evening UK time to Monday afternoon. Shotty Snipers will be available on all Arena maps except for the Breakout variants.

There's no word on Halo 5's divisive radar, though. Perhaps 343's happy with it.

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