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Someone built the Titanic in Halo

What a time sink.

Halo is a great shooter, but it's also a great editor. Via Forge, players have for years come up with impressive creations, but few are as big as this one.

Forge expert C0naN 0007 built a player-scale replica of the RMS Titanic in Halo 5's version of the editor. Using Tidal as the base map, C0naN created an exterior-only version of the famous ship, maxing out Forge's creation budget in the process (the creation budget limits the number of objects you're able to place on a map).

The video, below, from Forge fan Brusky, shows off C0naN's Titanic in detail. He lands on the ship to show it's scale and attention to detail. Clearly, an impressive amount of time and effort has gone into the creation.

This isn't the first time someone built the Titanic in a video game. Back in 2011, TheNexusWarrior released a video showing off his effort in Minecraft. It's pretty cool!

You can download C0naN's Titanic from Halo Waypoint.

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