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Watch: Johnny and Aoife play Slender: The Arrival

In the latest episode of Late to the Party.

I've been aware of Slender Man as a character and as a meme for a long time now, but I've never really bothered exploring any of his video game incarnations; mostly because I don't fare very well with horror games.

I made the mistake of letting slip this information to fellow video producer Aoife recently, at which point an episode of Late to the Party became somewhat inevitable. You can watch me tackle the prologue and first level of Slender: The Arrival in the video below and learn just how much I swear when frightened. The answer is an awful lot, so viewer discretion is advised.

Also, watch how quickly Aoife can go from screaming to calmly chatting. She calms down faster than anyone I've ever met.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's play Slender: The Arrival - Late to the Party

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