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A new Slender Man game is on the way

Love me Slender.

One of horror's most iconic figures is making a comeback: Slender Man.

Whilst, as yet, developer Blue Isle Studios is keeping tight-lipped on what's next for the supernatural being, the team recently dropped a tweet teasing a return for the creepypasta mascot a full decade after Slender: The Arrival.

Let's play Slender: The Arrival - Late to the PartyWatch on YouTube

Born by way of an internet urban legend in 2009, Slender Man has popped up in many fan-made and indie horror games, but his most notable in-game appearances include Slender: The Eight Pages in 2012 and 2013's Slender: The Arrival before a highly-publicised stabbing incident and moral panic saw the fictional entity go dark for several years.

Now, however, it seems that it's back:

A countdown has also popped up at, leaving some to speculate that a remake or remaster of The Arrival may be on the way. Whatever it is, we don't have long to wait – the countdown is set to expire in 33 days' time, which is 28th July, 2023. Watch this space, eh? (Thanks, VG24/7).

One of the last times we saw Slender Man in a game was in the Halloween update for Phasmophobia, which included a surprise cameo from one of horror's most iconic figures.

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