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See the new Slender in action here from 5pm GMT

UPDATE: Postponed due to technical difficulties!

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UPDATE: Due to some technical difficulties we're going to have to postpone this live-stream. Sorry! We'll return to Slender: The Arrival in the near future. And I promise this hasn't been cancelled simply because Ian's too scared.

ORIGINAL STORY:Poor Ian Higton. Having endured the opening hours of Aliens: Colonial Marines yesterday, he's now volunteering himself for a new kind of horror by playing through Slender: The Arrival, the official remake of last year's genuinely terrifying indie game based on internet phenomenon The Slender Man.

Slender: The Arrival's not due out until March 26, so it's a good opportunity to have a look at what's in store. It's also, of course, a brilliant opportunity to see someone scare themselves silly all in the name of your entertainment. It'll be going live from 5pm GMT, and running for about an hour, or until Ian decides it's all a bit much and runs away to the comfort of a nice cuppa.

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