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Ubi shelves plans for third Far Cry demo

Our hopes for Boat: sunk.

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Ubisoft has shelved plans to release a third single-player demo for Crytek's tropical first-person shooter Far Cry, according to a post to a fan forum from an official spokesperson. The "Boat" demo had been expected on March 15th.

The post also stated that the planned multiplayer demo is still on its way, but is likely to appear soon after the game's (presumably US) release date. Our money would be on Friday next week or thereabouts.

Finally, the Ubi spokesperson also confirmed that there will be five difficulty levels in the game rather than three as seen in the existing demos. Speaking of which, you can sample them both (if you haven't already) by heading in this direction.

Far Cry is due out in Europe next Friday, March 26th, and we will have a review for you sometime early next week. Promise.

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