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Raven Shield/Athena Sword patch released

Surely all we need now is Jupiter's Hat.

Raven Shield has been patched for the billionth time today - a milestone unequalled amongst PC titles of the same ilk. The new patch brings the version number up to 1.55 and should be available from this page. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the 1.55 patch however is that it also constitutes a 1.0 patch for Raven Shield expansion pack Athena Sword, ensuring compatibility between the two and addressing a sound looping bug in the former to boot.

Athena Sword is due out in Europe on March 19th following a number of delays, and is expected to meet with a warm reception amongst fans for its charms, although the timing of the game's release could perhaps be better - Unreal Tournament 2004 and Battlefield Vietnam will be competing for PC gamers' affections on the 19th, and Ubisoft's own heavily hyped Far Cry is due out a week later on the 26th.

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