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Fuzion Frenzy 2 to go Live in June?

Okay, we'll allow it as long as they send us some of those Sumo get-ups.

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Mentioning Fuzion Frenzy usually elicits one of two one-word reactions: a "meh", or a "huh?" Unless, that is, you're Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, in which case you reportedly enjoyed it more than any other Xbox launch title. "Look, it's about crushing my opposition by exploiting the environment!" he absolutely did not say at the time.

Well, perhaps Bill has some sway in that company of is, because judging by a remarkably detailed description on a GameStop product page, Blitz Games' derided mini-game/party title is set to get a sequel, this time with Xbox Live support.

Normally of course these unprecedented product pages lack detail and amount to little more than wishful thinking. In this one's case though, it's remarkably specific - we can expect revamped mini-games as well as entirely new ones, more than 50 individual events, Xbox Live support with statistics rounded up in online profiles, a world ranking system driving the competition, and a US release date of June 1st, it says here.

Naturally Microsoft hasn't confirmed anything. In the words of a spokesperson quizzed by GameSpot last week, "We're trying to get GameStop to take that page down." In the words of a UK rep sat next to my editor on a plane to Stockholm to meet Digital Illusions, "no comment". Ace.

So, today's great mystery: is this just remarkably specific wishful thinking, or is it more of a cat-out-of-the-bag scenario? Furthermore, will we publish any stories today that actually confirm anything rather than just speculating and reporting speculation? No comment.

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