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POP, Ghost Recon sequels due this Christmas?

So we hear.

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Sequels to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon should be out in time for this Christmas, Eurogamer learned this week. Actually, it wasn't very hard to "learn" about the POP bit, since Yves Guillemot mentioned it in February, and Ubi's vice president of marketing Tony Kee confirmed yesterday that the game could be on its way in time for this Christmas, subject to slippage of course.

Ghost Recon 2 however is a bit of an odd one. Originally mooted during a financial report last April, the Ghost Recon sequel was announced in the same breath as Splinter Cell: Shadow Strike, which is due out later this month under its new moniker of Pandora Tomorrow. However until now we've heard very little about Ghost Recon 2 - word from our spies though is that it's due out before the end of the year.

Ubisoft UK could only give us an official "no comment" on both titles when we called this morning.

Of course lots of Ubi's current stuff is bound to receive the sequel treatment, but then that's true of virtually every publisher these days. XIII and Beyond Good & Evil are most worthy in our view, although another Splinter Cell game is being mooted by sources in the US, and Far Cry will get a sequel at some point, even if it's not in development yet. Whether Ubi winds up publishing it is another matter judging by the sound of Crytek's one-game deal with the French firm.

Any other Ubi sequels we'd like to see? Sure, why not. Let's have a new Rayman, shall we? A new Rainbow Six? A new Myst? A new Settlers, maybe? We'd expect to see Ghost Recon 2, the Prince of Persia follow-up, Splinter Cell 2, and a few sequels from our wish list when we land in Los Angeles this May for E3 - oh, and probably Tork, given Ubi's recent acquisition of Tiwak - although what would be more interesting perhaps would be another raft of original titles much like last year's, giving us something interesting to fill the winter hours when we get bored of Need For Lord of the Rings Underground.

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