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Ooh, another jaw-dropping Onimusha intro movie

Sit back and admire ROBOT's artistry.

It's hard to put into words just how good Capcom/ ROBOT's intro movie to Onimusha 3 really is. They've always been stunningly good, but this one's like a mini action movie all of its own and regardless of whether you're interested in the latest in the hackandslash adventure series, you could do a lot worse than to sit back for six minutes of your life and gawp at what's going on before your eyes.

As usual, the obsession with insects kicks off proceedings, with a close up of a creepy crawly transpiring to be some sort of vehicle of death, with an entire battle sequence taking place on board this giant vessel. Samanosuke once more shows off a level of smug martial arts mastery that sees him rip through an entire undead army with a mere swish of his blade (and some sort of handy spinning fireball attack).

Dashing through what looks more like a grand old ship than a tyrant insect, he dashes to an fro, engaged in sword wielding ballet, giving ROBOT's animators the chance to pull off every impressive trick in the book - from nearly falling to his doom, to avoiding the jaws of a passing predator, to eventually destroying this flying killer from within. With green glunge oozing pleasantly and great balls of fire, of course.

At the climax of this action engorged epic, there's a pleasing face off with some evil looking creature with natty dreads and a decidedly more fearsome sword - at which point Samanosuke decides he needs to turn into some kind of spirit enhanced version of himself in order to defeat him. All to a dramatic ba-ba-da-da-dabab-baa-oooooooh soundtrack, of course.

Anyway, check it out for yourself. Those official chaps at uk.playstation.com have the full 37MB video for your downloading pleasure here.

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