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VU Games confirms Predator title

If it bleeds, we can sell it.

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Earlier this year Vivendi-Universal Games' website was briefly updated with an alleged line-up of its planned 2004 releases, which included a number of games we couldn't remember having previously heard about. One of those titles was simply dubbed "Predator", and seemed to be aimed at the PS2 and Xbox console markets.

Having announced its full year 2003 financials yesterday (look to soon for full commentary), the traditional investor conference call subsequently revealed that Predator is indeed on the cards for release during 2004 - on PS2, Xbox and PC platforms.

No further details are available at the time of writing, but obviously there are a great number of possibilities for everyone's favourite rattle-loving alien adversary. It could be something to do with the Alien Vs. Predator film, it could be a Godfather-style exercise in mining the best moments in cinema for inspiration, it could be based on some as-yet unannounced Predator film (though we sincerely doubt that), or it could well be a pseudo-sequel in the same vein as VU's own "The Thing".

We'll let you know if we can scrape anything useful off the leaves...

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