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Atari planning new Test Drive title?

According to the drummer from Fear Factory. Errr...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It looks like Atari might be returning to the oft-bashed Test Drive series this summer, following a revelation from the Raymond Herrera, drummer in popular beat combo Fear Factory, who claims he'll be contributing some music to an Atari game called Test Drive Cross-Town, due out this August on PC, Xbox, Cube and PS2.

Atari hasn't officially announced anything of course, and publishers don't really like being kicked into confirming things, so we weren't too surprised to see the US branch telling 1UP "It is a rumour and I can't comment on rumours." We're expecting Atari UK to get back to us with a comment sometime today.

There's certainly enough circumstantial evidence to support the theory though - Atari hasn't published a TD game since 2002, and you know how publishers get itchy about franchises left lying dormant, while traditional developer Pitbull Syndicate still hasn't revealed what it's working on at the moment.

Then of course there's Mr Herrera, who would have to be on a pretty specific wind-up mission to be talking out of his exhaust pipe. There's a good chance this one is true.

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