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Devil May Cry 3 in the works

According to a Kung-Fu movie website...

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The most bizarre news story of the day undoubtedly relates to Devil May Cry 3, the as-yet-unconfirmed sequel to Capcom's chaotic hackandslash.

A sequel is a given, of course, and we'd expect an official announcement at E3, but what's odd is that newswires across the world have chosen to follow up on this story originally posted on the 24th November. We're only perpetuating this rather tardy example of news reporting, sadly, but it seems no one else has made a reference to the fact that Kung Fu Cinema's report is over three months old.

Nit-picking aside, Martial Artist Stephanie Cheeva is reportedly doing the motion capture for the title, and, um, that's about the extent of what we 'know'. More news soon, no doubt - although let's hope the third in the series is a marked improvement on the desperately disappointing second.

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