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Jak III: Outcast?

Jak's been kicked out of Haven City, but he's got dune buggies and five times the play area to compensate him...

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Not content with brother Ratchet grabbing all the headlines, everyone's favourite tempestuous platform hero (and darling of the Sony first-party line-up) is back and busily lusting after his former crown. Unfortunately though, it sounds like the residents of Haven City have finally had enough of the poor tortured Eco-warrior, who, lets face it, spent more time knocking them down and blowing their town up than actually fixing things for them in his last outing. With their city ripped almost to shreds, they've banished him to the surrounding wastelands - along with his wisecracking sidekick.

Here it seems Jak stumbles upon the city of Spargus, a melting pot of renegades and banished folk, and it's here that most of his third adventure unfolds. According to reports it's as much as five times bigger than Haven, but that shouldn't prove too much of a problem now that Jak has a full-blown Hellcat Cruiser to pootle around in. Given the role of vehicles inside the city last time, we're also keen to get our hands on the new desert buggies being mooted in some quarters, not to mention the lizards we'll supposedly get to ride around on. Can we have raptors? With a pounce function?

That's not all we've heard, either. Word from the oracle is that Jak is now nursing twin Eco addictions, allowing him to power up to Dark Jak as before by gathering black Eco, and a new Light Jak alternative by collecting white Eco. Reports that Light Jak will be a bit of a fairy are thought to be wide of the mark, although he may be able to heal himself in this state. God knows what Daxter will make of it all, although we can see a good few streams of consciousness bubbling through on the subject.

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