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And The Rest: Friday News Roundup

Far Cry patch due today, Pokemon Game Boy patch due in Colosseum, Pikmin due to flower, Kirby's Star due to shoot retail-wards in Japan, and this writer due to shoot self in light of new Dukes of Hazzard announcement.

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An Ubisoft representative has told the Far Cry faithful on the publisher's official forum that a proposed patch for the game is currently on track for release later today. The same post also draws attention to the various problems that the patch aims to fix, including support for server-finding utility All Seeing Eye, integration of Punkbuster anti-cheat protocols and various other minor issues. Far Cry is of course out today across Europe and has been picking up very respectable review scores.

Pokémon Colosseum, due out in the US soon, will be the vessel by which Nintendo delivers a bug fix for the game's GBA cousins Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, both of which suffer from an issue with their internal clocks. According to reports, gamers who don't fancy the GameCube Colosseum will be able to go into EB World or Gamestop stores across the pond to receive their update, which apparently includes a "special gift" within the game. In addition to the chance to continue playing it, that is.

Nintendo has also launched its official Japanese website for Pikmin 2, which is due out on GameCube later in the year, and the site plays host to an entertaining trailer (direct link) showing off a pair of new Pikmin (chunky purple fellas and spooky white versions), which can be used in solving a variety of new puzzles. The trailer also shows off the game's multiplayer modes including a Vs. mode, which looks nothing like Ground Force you'll be pleased to hear. It's dizzying, yes, but not at all ginger, and the protagonists are less terrifying.

Speaking of the big N as we often are, the once-delayed Kirby's Star for GBA is now back on track following a problem flagged up recently just prior to its proposed release date. The game is now on track for an April 15th launch in the Far East, and you can take a look at a new trailer (direct link) to celebrate the game's puffy potential.

Finally today, Ubisoft has swallowed a few bales of hay and spat out a new Dukes of Hazzard announcement, which is sure to have older gamers everywhere giggling in fits of excitement. Ah-reckon. Apparently The Dukes of Hazzard: Return of the General Lee (that's a car) will be released on PS2 and Xbox in the US this October, and is "a humorous action racing game that combines a mission-based adventure and arena-style driving," in which "players step into the shoes of Bo and Luke Duke as they race to win prize money in order to save the local orphanage from Boss Hogg's latest crooked scheme." Betcha can't wait. If we had to choose a Bo to step into, however, we'd go for Bo Derek...

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