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Scottish blacksmith forges real-life Master Sword

Listen. [Silence.] That's the sound of my heart missing about fifty beats.

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Swords. Swords are brilliant. You can't really say anything all that nasty about swords. Think of all the great swords that mark significant chapters in your entertainment lifestyle, for example - there's Luke's lightsaber, Aragorn's re-forged Sword Of Some Elvish Word I Can't Remember, Cloud's colossal Buster Sword, and of course Link's legendary Master Sword. And, as you may have guessed from the title of this here report, a Scottish blacksmith has now built a detailed replica of the elf-like fantasy gardener's monstrous Tri-Force weapon, for an equally loony chap willing to stump up £1,800 and wait ten months for him to make it.

Once charged with the task of forging a real-life Master Sword for one avid Zelda fan lurking on the Planet GameCube forums, Rob Miller of Castle Keep, Scotland used concept and original artwork, and the Zelda fan's supplied dimensions in order to create the magnificent item you can see for yourself here. It took a long time, but the result is plainly one of the most exotic and downright fantastic pieces of game-related fanaticism ever devised. Paul Hantschel, owner of what we're guessing is the only real Master Sword in existence, we salute you. We also envy you something rotten.

Now, speaking of the Buster Sword, how much do you reckon it'd cost to make one of those? Any blacksmiths in the audience up to the job?

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