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Postal 2 hits the rest of Europe

Must've been lost in the mail.

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Not content with inflicting Postal 2 on folks in the UK via Whiptail Interactive, developer Running With Scissors has now signed a wider European distribution deal with Greek publishing firm hell-tech, which should see the spruced up 'with multiplayer' version released in France-etc at some point.

"Since it seems like so many European countries are upset with America at the moment because of our foreign policy, we felt it was the ideal time to offer them a harmless means of venting their rage," RWS bossman Vince Desi explained, failing to grasp that most European gamers would actually include Postal 2 if they were ever to draw up a list of problems they have with America.

Released in UK last February, we gave Postal 2 3/10, mainly because having gathered so much controversy and tastelessness into one game, we were absolutely gutted when it spectacularly failed to do anything interesting with it all. This new Share The Pain edition (a bizarrely appropriate moniker) should be with some of you soon, and alongside the original single-player game you can also look forward to CTF variant Snatch, which presumably has something to do with all the girls prancing around trade shows last year in impossibly skimpy Postal 2 outfits. We couldn't be bothered to check.

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