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True Fantasy Live Online delayed

"The ultimate MMORPG" needs a bit longer in the oven. Fair enough.

Microsoft has announced that it plans to delay True Fantasy Live Online, the Xbox exclusive MMORPG currently underway at Dark Cloud/Chronicle developer Level-5. The game will now reportedly begin beta testing this summer, and although MS has all the testers it needs for now, this may change once the test is underway. As for the actual retail release - the new launch estimate in Japan is winter 2004. MS has yet to suggest a possible date for the US or Europe.

"Releasing the game in an incomplete state would be going against the expectations of the fans and the game industry," MS Game Studios said in a press statement. "True Fantasy Live Online is being developed as the ultimate MMORPG on the Xbox Live. Because of that, there will be no compromise made in its development. We are working day and night to create a high quality game that takes full advantage of the Xbox live by using the latest technology."

Although there are bound to be a few people left disappointed by the delay, delays are undoubtedly a good thing when it comes to ensuring quality. If only more people ensured quality! And Level-5 is certainly more than capable of quality - apart from the almost great Dark Cloud and the clearly brilliant Dark Chronicle/Dark Cloud 2, they've also been signed up by Square Enix to develop Dragon Quest VIII.

We couldn't get hold of Microsoft UK just now, but if they have anything to add we'll update you later on.