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Del Toro's Insane "really, really nasty"

Still up to three years away.

Insane, the Lovecraftian horror from Guillermo del Toro, Saints Row developer Volition and publisher THQ, is "really, really nasty", the movie director has said.

"We're really trying a lot of stuff that I don't think would even fly in the movies," he told Wired.

Del Toro once again said Insane was up to three years from launch. Why? Because of the complexity of video game development.

"With a video game, you don't have to solve one screenplay, you have to solve 20 screenplays, because you are giving the player the illusion of free will," he said. "If the character kills another character or destroys a building, the game goes one way; if the character doesn't, it goes another. It keeps you very nimble."

Guillermo del Toro announced his collaboration with THQ and Volition in September 2010. He told the world then that his new game wouldn't arrive until, "best case scenario", 2013.

Del Toro is currently working on a new movie called Pacific Rim, but he insisted that hasn't stopped him from working on Insane.

"Up until the end of pre-production on Pacific Rim, we were still going up to Chicago, to Champaign, Illinois, to work with the developer," he said. "And every week we have a conference [call] where we exchange ideas about the design, the gameplay, about the models.

"I'm taking it little by little. I think it's going to be a fun, scary game. It's a maiden voyage into the medium for me. I'm learning a lot of stuff."

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