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Tony Hawk: Ride dev asks gamers to fund next title

Robomodo crowd-sources Kinect effort Bodoink.

The developer behind Activision's unloved Tony Hawk: Ride is asking for donations to help get its new Kinect project off the ground.

As reported by 1Up, Chicago-based studio Robomodo has opened a Kickstarter page for a planned Xbox Live Arcade title called Bodoink, calling for generous donors to contribute to the $35,000 total it needs to proceed with development.

The studio explains that it's opted for Kickstarter over the traditional publisher route so that it can retain the rights to the game.

"Robomite's [Robomodo's new family gaming off-shoot] normal mode of business is to create games with publisher funding. Normally the publisher will commission a developer to create a game, pay them for it, distribute it and retain all rights.

"With Bodoink it's all about controlling the game from beginning to end. Many developers opt to create a prototype to help get more funds. With Kickstarter it's all about finishing the entire project. Once the game is completed, it is much easier to maintain control over rights to the game as it is being shown to publishers for distribution.

"Kickstarter also allows the community to contribute to the project. We want to incorporate our Kickstarters creativity into the game by providing opportunities to vote on features as well as design important features of the game such as achievements."

It added that, "As far as we know, we are going to be the first console game that will be funded by Kickstarter. We love this challenge and want to show other developers like us that given the right resources and savvy, a professional console game can be created by this community."

There are different rewards up for grabs depending on how much you donate, ranging from stickers and free game downloads, to producer credits and the chance to name an Achievement.

As seen in the trailer below, Bodoink sees you pinging your avatar around a giant pinball course by moving your body in different directions.

At the time of writing, Robomodo had secured $405 towards its goal, via 13 backers.

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