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Epic announces Game Jam winners

Unreal developer celebrates young UK talent.

The winners of the 2011 Train2Game and Epic Game Jam have been announced.

Over 100 aspiring developers competed at this year's event, held at the University of Befordshire last week, which saw participants tasked with designing an iOS game themed around Guy Fawkes Night using Epic's Unreal Development Kit.

The winner was a side-scrolling action game set in the 17th Century developed by The A-Team, pictured below.

Second place went to Nova Eye with a tongue-in-cheek title which asks the player to attack Santa's workshop, halting the production of holiday decorations and increasing fireworks sales. Team Gandalf came third with a first-person puzzler in which Guy Fawkes' ghost haunts the player.

All three teams, along with an "all-star" Game Jam group, go forward to the Make Something Unreal Live event, due to be held at next April's The Gadget Show Live. They'll have to make another iOS title under tutelage from Epic, Train2Game and various other industry figures, with the winner securing a commercial Unreal Engine 3 license.

"All the Game Jam participants can wear their battle scars with pride, and for the winners, it's just the start of the biggest opportunity of their careers so far," said Epic's Mike Gamble.

"More surprises for this competition are in store. We are on track to bring new games to the App Store through this effort, and it's great history in the making."

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