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PlayStation Move game Sorcery still alive

Fully playable next month.

PlayStation Move game Sorcery is still alive, Sony has said.

The promising Move-enabled action adventure Sony showed off at E3 in 2010 is set to be unveiled, once again, to press next month, Sony told IGN.

"Yes, Sorcery is still in development," Sony's Eric Levine said. "We're very excited to show everyone how this PlayStation Move exclusive game is coming along."

There was concern the game had been canned after it failed to turn up at E3 this year. Nothing has been said of The Workshop's game since February, when the developer noted work on the game was "in full swing".

Eurogamer's Keza MacDonald came away relatively impressed when she saw the game in action last year.

"Sorcery is only slightly more than a concept demo at the moment, but it's clearly got the potential to be a more creative and accessible wizardry game than anything the Harry Potter licence has offered up so far. It's also evidence of that Move is squaring up strongly to face the competition," read her Sorcery preview.